Samsung Make every type of Television’s and this 42-Inch Smart TV is one to contemplate

It is an easy mistake to make I presume. I work at nighttime and, as a consequence, am often scarcely getting up at midday. At time of writing, it is just gone 4AM (and I do not expect to be asleep for at least one more hour). So, I sleepily say goodbye to my girlfriend as she gets up for work at 7AM and then I doze until approximately 10.30 or 11.00, before getting up and planning to work on my ‘fun’ tasks like internet comics, novels and attending online writing seminars. Read more »

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Can you watch films on the ipad mini?

Generally, the iPad Mini is ok for watching movies (as well as doing pretty much everything else). The processing power is about the same as a iPad 4, so there’s no actual difficulty there and the playback is usually as easy as an android’s bottom (Star Trek gag).

Really the only real issue with the iPad Mini could be the lack of a ‘Retina Display’, the stunning display technology featured on apple ipad 3 – 4, iPod Touch (4th – 5th Gen) and iPhone 4 – 5 (amongst others). The apple ipad Mini does suffer somewhat with the lack of a Retina Display, however it’s probably not a crisis. Read more »

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Bone conducting tech, how this trumps every other kind of earpiece

Music is a massive element of everyday life also it has been for almost as long as People have now been on this earth. I often point to a discovery of a 40,000-year-old flute dating back to the ice age as proof for this, but truthfully, all the facts you’ll need is all around you, every day. We recall ballads and music long after the folks who initially composed them have died and rotted away (a plan which I find curiously comforting) plus the music industry, love it or hate it, is definitely a big business. Read more »

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If you employ motorola radios in your work, then you need to look at these earpieces

We ended the last piece by saying that you just should not use the featured product to protect the life of US president. Though, we’ll start this post by saying that, if you are aiming to guard President Obama over the next few months, then you are getting nearer to the right idea with this earpiece.

The Gp 340 covert earpiece is really a serious bit of comms. This earpiece comes attached to 1 of the curly receivers, the sort you’ve seen Agent Smith wearing in The Matrix films. The Motorola multi pin earpiece is a device designed for use with the GP340 crop of two way radio devices. Read more »


A Time For Champions: “I’m Sportacus!”

Sport games are the final fan’s revenge. You think that the referee threw the match? Put your money where your mouth is, sport games fan. Obviously, if you think Mike Tyson was overrated, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you’d be the person to inform him so. But maybe Mohammed Ali or George Foreman could? Therefore, sport games are born.


One of those oldest games genres, sport games have an enduring appeal as timeless as sport itself. You simply can not go and play for England in the next world cup on a whim, no, that kind of thing takes time, and airplane tickets, and days off work, and years in therapy and may even end in a messy divorce. sport games are also brilliant for proving your points throughout pub arguments. Read more »

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Voyager 1 Makes noises from the outer limits of the solar system

The Voyager 1 spaceship, which just evolved into the very first man-built object to leave our sun system, has transmitted strange, sharp pitched shrieks and squeals from outside the void.

The noises, described by a few as a ‘howl’ and by some as a ‘scream’, were recorded from a distance of twelve Billion miles from our sun. Read more »

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Why Can’t I Use a Radio or a Phone on an Aeroplane?

The real reason is that the signals generated by your radio receiver (yes, it generates signals as well as receives them) can interfere with the aeroplane’s navigation equipment.


In an article for ‘The Straight Dope’, published in 1987, Cecil Adams (who ran a similar, but far superior, column to this one) explained it far better than I could. He said,


“Most modern receivers use something called a “local oscillator,” which is sort of an internal transmitter. The oscillator generates signal A, which is mixed with the somewhat raw incoming signal B to produce nice, easy-to-work-with signal C. There’s usually some sort of shielding around the oscillator, but it’s not always effective and sometimes errant signals leak out to make life difficult for other radio equipment nearby. If the other equipment happens to be an aircraft navigation device, somebody could wind up digging furrows with a $25 million plow. So do your bit for air safety and bring a tape player instead.” Read more »

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Tech We’d Like To See: The Universal Translator

Originally conceived by science fiction writer Murray Leinster and utilized in his 1945 novella ‘First Contact’, the universal translator is a device that translates any language into a language known to the device’s user.


Most people reading this article will be infinitely more familiar with the universal translator as featured in ‘Star Trek’ and its various incarnations. Star Trek’s version of the translator is actually an extremely effective plot device, allowing aliens from anywhere in the universe to speak perfect English, even if they have never met a Human being a day in their lives (and thus allowing the writers of ‘Star Trek’ the freedom to not have to explain why each alien race speaks English so well in every other episode). In reality, alien linguistics would likely be so alien that they could take generations to decipher and even prove to be impossible for Human vocal chords to mimic. Read more »

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You Spin Me Right Round – Xbox 360

A long time ago in a galaxy of gaming far, far away…There were two factions engaged in a perpetual war, a war between two groups of nerds that had waged since at least the 1970’s…The two clans had very different ideas of how games ought to be played and very different cultures, sensitivities and beliefs. On one side, were the PC gamers; arrogant, elitist and prone to almost pathological sarcasm. Games, for them, were hi-spec, graphically rendered masterpieces, the sort of exquisite perfection that Baudelaire may have appreciated had he ever played the original Duke Nukem. Read more »

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TECH NEWS South Korea suffers Credit Card hacking with 20 million card details stolen

As the headline suggests, 20 million South Koreans have had their credit card details stolen this month. This shocking discovery means that sensitive data regarding almost half of all South Koreans has now been accessed without their consent.

It is believed that a thus-far unnamed computer contractor, who was working for a company called The Korea Credit Bureau, copied the names, social security numbers and credit card details of around 20 million Korean citizens. The stolen data was then stored on a flash key before being sold to a number of marketing firms. Read more »

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